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Plumbing/Gas Fitter Contractor

A Plumbing Contractor or Gas Fitting Contractor is “A person who is engaged in the business of plumbing(Gas Fitting) … for a specific employer”1 . The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works building and Safety Division issues a “Certificate of Registration” for this title. To obtain such a Certificate you must do the following;

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Submit the completed form with a check for $70.80
  3. Pass the County board of Plumbing Examiners Examination.

Once all three are completed the Chief Plumbing Inspector shall issue a Certificate of Registration as a Plumbing contractor for the Company stated in the application.

Please see Section 105.1 through 105.11 of the Los Angeles County Plumbing code for the complete and detailed language related to this Certification

1 Section 105.1 through 105.11 of the Los Angeles county Plumbing code